Best fryer : Proscenic T21 Smart Air

proscenic t21 smart air fryer

For those who need an above-average capacity or like to control their air fryer remotely via Wi-Fi, the Proscenic T21 is a good choice.

The Proscenic T21 is a smart air fryer with app remote control and voice assistant integration. You can literally ask it to fry fries for you. But is it a good fryer, or just a mediocre one with a voice control gimmick?

Spoiler alert: it’s pretty good. Join me as I eat all things fried in the name of giving it a thorough test.


What is an Air Fryer, anyway?

I know not everyone is so up to speed on the latest haute cuisine technology, so let’s take a moment to explain what an air fryer is. Also known as a “healthy fryer,” air fryers do not, in fact, fry anything. Instead, they are more akin to a convection oven. With a quick stream of hot air circulating around the food, air fryers cook faster and more efficiently than a traditional oven. Some even have a paddle to push the food around (although the Proscenic T21 does not).

The result is perfectly crispy food, without the need to immerse it in a vat of boiling fat. It’s a great compromise between delicious fried food and healthy oven-baked food.

Let’s face it: oven chips are an abomination. But put those same oven chips in a healthy grill, and you get something much more like fried food – fluffy inside, crispy outside – but with 85% less fat. There’s no excuse for using a deep fryer anymore.

I should note, however, that the Proscenic T21 is strictly speaking only a deep fryer, not a multi-purpose cooker like your microwave probably is.

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