How will we shop?

Smart Shopping

From robot shop assistants to virtual fitting rooms, this tech will revolutionize retail.

There is no doubt that the internet has changed the way we shop, with many people preferring to click and buy from the comfort of their own homes instead of venturing out to browse the local stores.

The convenience of not having to deal with bustling queues or lug your purchases around is no doubt very appealing, but there are huge benefits for the retailers too.

As people peruse their products online, companies can collect lots of useful data about them by way of cookies. These simple text files are downloaded onto your computer when you visit a website and store information about which products you looked at there.

The cookies can then be accessed by the retail company, enabling them to target you with adverts based on your preferences, so you will be more likely to take notice. This personalized service often helps to boost sales, but it isn’t something the stores on the high street can take advantage of.

With many stores struggling to compete, some clever innovators are developing new technologies that can help them. The Dandy Lab, a menswear and lifestyle outlet in London, is providing a testing ground, enabling companies to try out their ideas on real-life

How Philips’ system can help you navigate the aisles

1-Emit the signal

When you enter the store, the light fixture above you emits a unique identification code.


2-Find your location

Your smartphone’s camera receives the code telling it exactly where you are in the store.

Shopping intelligentes

3-Plan a route

An app on your phone plots the most efficient route to the products on your shopping list.

Intelligent Shopping

4-Get the deals

As you walk down an aisle, the lights above send discount codes for the nearby products to your phone.

Intelligent Shopping

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