No Man’s Sky Expeditions is a new update

No Man's Sky Expeditions Trailer

No Man’s Sky Expeditions is a new update that lets players go on a shared adventure.

Players will begin their seasonal journeys from the exact same spot in the universe.

The No Man’s Sky Expeditions update arrives today and allows players to participate in a shared adventure that starts from the same point in the universe.

In the new announcement trailer, developer Hello Games explained that Expeditions provides a seasonal way to explore the universe as part of a team.

Each player starts on the same planet, with an expedition mapped out to guide them through the universe.

Although you are all heading in the same direction, each person taking part in the expedition has their own unique set of technology, adaptations, ships, and weapons, encouraging co-operation with fellow scouts.

To help you reach your goal, there are new exploration milestones that offer rewards and make it easier to find fellow scouts who are on the same adventure, while the new Target Sweep mode of the Analysis Visor makes exploration easier, with a number of missions revised to make use of the new feature.

In addition to the expeditions themselves, the update includes a number of other changes, including a fully updated HUD, support for the color-blind, improved text chat, and better pinning.

You will also be able to summon your walkers, Titanfall-style, and merge your account names across platforms. For full correction notes here.

The Expeditions arrive today and to celebrate, Hello Games is also rolling out Twitch drop support over the Easter weekend. If you follow streams of No Man’s Sky between 1 and 5 April, you can win valuable items that you can redeem on a linked account.

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