Project CHIP-certified smart home devices could hit the market by the end of 2021

The Project CHIP alliance aims to develop an interoperable smart home standard.

The first Project CHIP-certified smart home devices should hit the market around the end of this year. Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) is an alliance between Amazon, Apple, Google, and 180 other companies to develop a common smart home standard.

The alliance aims to standardize and certify all smart home devices so they are interoperable and there are no compatibility issues.


Certification of CHIP smart home devices to start in late 2021

At a Zigbee Alliance event, it was announced that Project CHIP will officially start certifying devices at the end of 2021. This should mean that the first Project CHIP-compatible smart home devices will hit the market around the holidays.

Stacey from Stacey on IoT reports that the first batch of CHIP-compatible devices will include TVs, smart home controllers, lighting, blinds, HVACs, security systems, Wi-Fi routers, door locks, and more.

Manufacturers also have the option of bringing CHIP support to their older smart home devices via a firmware update or via a bridge, although this will depend on several other factors.

The CHIP standard uses Bluetooth LE for setup, Wi-Fi for high bandwidth devices, such as security cameras, and Thread for low bandwidth devices.

CHIP Smart Home devices were delayed due to COVID

Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, and other companies joined forces to announce Project CHIP in December 2019. The underlying declaration guaranteed that the norm and the initial set of gadgets should dispatch before the finish of 2020. In any case, at that point, COVID-19 struck, and the plans were crashed.

With the alliance now saying it will begin certifying devices in late 2021, the first set of CHIP-compatible devices should hit the market just before the holidays or early 2022.

CHIP was created to develop a royalty-free Smart Home standard


Currently, there are multiple smart home standards and protocols, making it confusing for both OEMs and consumers. Manufacturers struggle to ensure that their devices are interoperable with other smart home devices, which is easier said than done.

To end all these problems, Google, Amazon, Apple, and other tech giants and accessory manufacturers have joined forces to form the Project Connected Home over IP working group within the Zigbee Alliance.

This alliance aims to build and develop a smart home standard that enables interoperability between different devices at the application layer. Ultimately, this will mean a smart home that just works, where different smart home products in your home can communicate with each other.

There are many questions about CHIP that remain unanswered. How will CHIP devices work with voice assistants? Do you have to install a new app every time you install a new CHIP-compatible smart home device? These doubts will only be resolved when CHIP devices are certified and come to market.

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