The Outriders are back on top

Outriders back

An up-to-date demo, six months of additional development time… Outriders impresses

People Can Fly’s gritty shooter ticks off most of our teenage wish lists: Weapons with elemental powers, RPG-like customization options that flood everything, a booming soundtrack, an exotic alien landscape reminiscent of Avatar remade by Eli Roth, and explosions.

Lots and lots of explosions. But of course, you discovered that for yourself in the free demo, out now. As the haze settles over the demo, we catch up with Creative Director Bartek Kmita and Lead Designer Piotr Nowakowski, who tell us they’re tracking data and player reactions to optimize Outriders before release.

They also reveal that your hard work leveling up your custom character won’t be in vain. “You can carry over your progress into the [retail] game,” Kmita confirms. “So you don’t have to start from scratch.” The team also tells us that there will be a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5, and that game saves, including demo data, can be transferred.

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