The Windows 10 update fixes an issue that could slow down your PC

Windows 10 update

The 21H1 update fixes this and other File Explorer issues.

Windows io’s next feature update, due out in the first half of 2021, will fix several long-standing issues with File Explorer, including one that can negatively impact system performance

For the uninitiated, File Explorer is simply the fancy name for the window you use to browse files and folders on the desktop, and some Windows users have found that it mysteriously consumes a large number of system resources and sometimes slows down their PC.

Fortunately, Microsoft has implemented a fix for this problem with the latest preview build of the 2tHi update. In the release notes, the software giant writes: “We’ve fixed an issue with a heap leak that can cause explorer, exe [File Explorer] to consume large amounts of memory.”

In other words, it’s a memory leak, which means that things that should be removed from memory don’t do so and therefore fill up more than they should, leading to the aforementioned high memory consumption – which of course slows down the PC.

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Deep freeze

The preview update (build 19043.899) also fixes another issue with File Explorer where Windows can freeze and become unresponsive during a file search.

Windows Forest, which discovered the issue, says the bug occurred in the October 2020 Update and May 2020 Update (which are essentially the same version of Windows, with only very minor differences).

The bug causes an Explorer window to freeze during a search when attempting to change the type of filter used (e.g. file size) at the top of a column heading

Microsoft states, “We’ve fixed an issue that displays nothing when filtering search results in File Explorer, or displays ‘Computing Filter’ indefinitely.” Microsoft has also provided a fix for a bug where File Explorer (or other apps) could become unresponsive for an extended period of time, but only in a very specific case.

Microsoft says: “We have fixed an issue that can cause File Explorer and other apps to become unresponsive for several minutes. This issue occurs after a client reconnects to the corporate network and attempts to access file shares on the corporate network through mapped drives.”

Another issue where multiple instances of File Explorer could run incorrectly has also been fixed, although this problem only occurred on PCs that were not connected to the internet and had AppLocker enabled.

So those are some useful fixes, even if in some cases they may not be used by many users.

As you may have seen, Microsoft has also been busy fixing the release version of Windows lately. The recent repairs were made to fix a problem some people were having with a Blue Screen of Death crash when trying to print.

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