What is Biomutant in a nutshell?


Biomutant is an open-world post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable. So basically in terms of structure, it’s like Zelda: Breath of the Wild I guess, but the feedback that’s, you know, that we’ve been getting over the years it’s that of kind of a strange, weird, good mix between Ratchet and Clank, Devil May Cry, Batman: Arkham, yeah and a couple of other influences.

So it’s truly an open-world game, 8 by 8 kilometres (=64km²=24,71 square miles) filled with a lot of weird events and fun things to find. The primary thing that we worked a lot with is the control that the player has over the character customization. So we have the possibility for the player, you know, to set the attributes.

And in Biomutant that’s tightly connected or integrated with the way that the character looks, but the player is like completely free to morph their own breed, we call us a breed, but mammal if you will, and eventually, you know, people have a lot of assumptions on what kind of animal this is, but for me, and I guess the team, we have allowed the player to make what I call, you know, more like a Muppet.



And with character customization, you know, it goes all the way down to crafting bits onto your clothes or hats or pants or whatnots. So I guess the most important thing in the arsenal of weapons. I mean it’s an action role-playing game, right? So we’re focusing on the action parts of the role-playing aspect.

Each like the part that you can find for weapons and gear also comes with a material quality aspect, so they can be more damaged or of higher quality material. Just mentioning that you don’t have to repair, but you can actually upgrade things that are broken, but they will never diminish in terms of their material qualities, like in Zelda, for example.

We don’t do that. So in the game, you have six different tribes. So they are all composed of, you know, a leader, a sifu if you will, that have mastered a specific Wung-Fu combat style and train his disciples in that. These tribes are now in conflict. Basically, three tribes have what we call light aura, Basically good karma if you will, if you wanna paint it black and white, and there are three tribes that have a dark aura.


Eventually, at the start of the game, you will find that you have to choose an ally. So one of these six tribes. As you move along or go further into the game, you’re free at any time to change your allegiance. But at the start of the game, you choose one of these two tribes, and basically, at that point, the state of the world is represented by the huge tree that’s at the heart, of the 8 by 8-kilometre open world.

So it’s a representation of the world either going under or the world surviving, so this is all tied to the tree of life. A light aura tribe they wanna save the world, so make sure that the tree survives, and also then uniting the other tribes, whilst allying with the dark aura tribe, would mean the opposite.

They believe that the only way that you can move forward is to make sure there’s a kind of cleansing I guess, making sure that everything bad in the world kind of goes under so you have a rebirth and start anew if that makes sense. So you’re very free to make this choice but also bear in mind that that will affect the ending of the game.


Obviously, a game being called Biomutant has to have some form of mutations/abilities, right? There’s quite a wide range of them. Primarily we have bio mutations. So those are kind of more physical abilities if you will. For example, you can spawn a mushroom in front of you. That has multiple uses.

If I choose to use that one as an example in terms of creative freedom for you as a player, combining this jumping up on the mushroom with let’s say, yes, electricity shooting out from our fingers, like the Emperor in Star Wars, or once the character’s airborne like your enemy, he’s going up there, unleashing some other kind of strange abilities, I don’t want to go into all of them.

But the other aspect is the permutations, so those are more like your, you know, X-Men style abilities if you will. For example, levitate, which again can give you both exploration opportunities, but you can also use it in combat in conjunction with other abilities, and obviously ranged combats, so that will give you an advantage, I guess.

You’re wanting to keep on exploring the world because you’re wondering what’s gonna be, you know, around the next corner. And, I guess, the hope that we have as a group, as a team, is that that’s gonna be the unifying factor in terms of people playing the game and giving us feedback that it’s notable, that the game has a soul or a vibe, that is a little bit unique and special.



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